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3 Reasons to hire an AV Rental Company

When you have an event coming up, be it a corporate luncheon, graduation, all-hands meeting, or the like, you’re faced with a decision to make – “can our internal AV department handle the setup, event support, and breakdown or the audiovisual system? And further, do we have the equipment to handle the venue?” At first glance, you may be inclined to save some dollars by having a staff member bring in a few speakers and a wired mic to address a few people at the meeting, but when it comes to filling a large auditorium, football field for a graduation, or the dynamic world of live streaming, there are countless benefits to hiring a professional team to outfit and manage the technology necessary for your event.

Continue reading to learn about three benefits to hiring a professional AV Rental Company

They are with you from Planning to Meeting’s End.

When you work with an AV Rental Company, you have the ability to collaborate and create a completely customizable solution that supports the goal of your event. Having a professional audiovisual rental technician on your event planning team will give you the confidence needed to ensure your meeting, gala, or corporate event goes off without a hitch. Utilizing the input of an audiovisual expert in the event planning phase is crucial to guarantee every aspect of the meeting was thoroughly thought through, while taking into consideration any possible changes that may be necessary.

Not only is planning the event important, but a professional audiovisual company will also supply you with a technician during your event to make sure the equipment is being utilized efficiently and can mitigate any issues on the spot. Imagine not having to think about the technology as you are greeting guests, discussing important topics, unveiling a new product, etc! An on-site event support technician has your back, and his sole job is to take care of the technology while you focus on your role in the event.

A good audio-visual rental company will be able to consult on your next event as soon as the first one is over. They are constantly on the cutting edge of technological advancements, and are always looking for ways to make their clients look even better. As an event coordinator, your repeat events will never stagnate, they will always be improved upon from the last because your AV Company always has something new to offer. New technologies, new platforms, etc. will keep your events up to date, and looking and sounding better every time.

They come with Bench Tested Equipment, Backups, and Plan B’s.

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you needed a specific cable, and you remember you may have put it in the dreaded basket of cables “no one will ever use”? You go and find the cable, but alas, it is falling apart by years of neglect and no longer serves its purpose. Ordering a new cable will take a few days on amazon, so it looks like whatever you had planned will have to wait. Now imagine this happening in a room full of Board Members who have come from all over the state for an important discussion. Scary thought, right?

Hiring an audio-visual rental company ensures this situation never happens. It is the nature of the business to have things change at the last minute: presentations amended, videos incorporated, a guest speaker shows up. AV Professionals prepare for many “what-ifs” and 9 times out of 10, they are prepared to adapt to whatever changes you throw them at 0 hour. They are experts in creativity and problem-solving, which should put your mind at ease if you decide to hire a reputable company such as IAV International.

Let’s face it – technology is not an exact science. Cable heads snap, speakers get blown out, mics get dropped, and projector screens rip. The beauty of relying on a professional company is that they prepare for these things and typically come with back up. They are constantly inventorying their pool of equipment, replacing what breaks and testing new hardware, to ensure when they roll a truck to an event, they have the best equipment possible that has been tested that day to ensure quality and functionality. They prepare to be surprised and always have a backup plan in their pocket.

They allow you to focus on the Event.

As an event coordinator, or simply someone who got stuck putting on the event, the most valuable thing someone can say to you is, “Don’t worry, we got it from here”. That is the sole aim of an Audio-Visual Rental Company. They hear your goal, ask for any preferences, then you never have to worry about the technology for the event again. You have enough to worry about as the ‘host’ of the event, no matter the size. Greeting guests, ordering, and distributing food, name tags, venue restrictions, parking, attendance, etc. Can you imagine if you had to think about technology too? Your AV Company takes that scary thought out of the equation. Technology can be a complex scenario in and of itself, and it is beneficial to you and your event guests to leave it to a professional.

At International Audio-Visual, we have the bases covered for you and your event every step of the way. We have heard it all, seen it all, and experienced it all. We have a team of creative, problem-solving experts who put so much care into the planning and execution of your event, we assure you – you will come out looking like the hero. That’s our goal. Give us a call at 973-887-7744 today to get a free consultation on your upcoming event.